Did Michael Phelps set a new golf world record?
By mustang6560 on 10/11/12
Thanks to oober vpirkle for the tip!

Michael Phelps drained a 50-yard putt last week during the second round of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

oober vpirkle was so impressed with Michael's effort that he decided to do a little research and he wanted to share the results with us. As impressive as his putt was considering the situation (playing in a Pro-Am) and his handicap (20+), was it the longest putt ever holed?

The answer? No.

According to the Guinness World Records, Fergus Muir holed the longest putt ever recorded. The Brit drained a 125-yard (or 375-foot) putt on the Eden Course at St. Andrews on November 6, 2001.

OK, fine. But, was it the longest putt ever holed while TV cameras were rolling? Again, no.

That honor goes to Dave Pelz, the legendary golf instructor. Dave made a 206-foot putt at Whistling Straits ahead of the 2004 PGA Championship. So, Michael didn't set a new golf world record with his putt (oh well!), it was impressive nonetheless.

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Image via Flickr, An Honorable German

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legitimatebeef says:
Dave Pelz's putt was not in a tournament so big deal. Who knows how many attempts he'd had. Given the circumstances Phelps's putt was better.
Ianinho says:
So was it the longest televised putt by a player in competition? If not it surely was for an amateur. There's a record here somewhere!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I've seen my brother hole a 40 yarder. Not in a tournament or a pro-am, and certainly without instruction from a professional teacher on television. It was way cooler than Phelps' and Pelz'.
Matt McGee says:
Longest putt ever by a winner of 8 or more Olympic gold medals?
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