PGA Tour players are good. European Tour players are magicians.
By mustang6560 on 10/9/12
Drummond Money-Coutts, aka "DMC", is an English magician and card sharp and he recently shared his talents with members of the European Tour.

DMC is a trained magic man, so the tricks he pulls off in the video are really cool — like how he caught a golf ball Paul Lawrie hit out of thin air, or how he threw a card around Jose Maria Olazabal's golf ball and into the cup. But, I'm equally impressed with Richard Finch's trick shot. He hit a ball off the back of his club and landed it softly on the green.

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birdieXris says:
SPOILER!!!!!!!! he didn't hit it with the back of the club... not to ruin the trick, but the club starts upside down but at the top of the backswing, the club will spin in their hands and when it returns to the ball, it's right side up. I saw it done before. I'm more impressed with the ability to spin the orientation of the club in control than if he actually did hit it with the back of the club.
bkuehn1952 says:
Pretty cool. Hard to imagine catching a struck golf ball bare-handed - ouch.
mustang6560 says:
Shame on you bX.
birdieXris says:
i have no regrets.
Virtuaframax says:
"These guys are good!"
KeithH says:
I laughed when he was in the bunker and looked up to see where the pin was.
One, I can't believe he would try to catch the ball bare-handed and two, I don't think I could hit a 3i with someone standing in front of me like that. At least with a pro there is a good chance he can repeat the swing. How many times to you practice something like that before you decide it may not be a good idea?
falcon50driver says:
Playing at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, one of our caddies bet my left handed buddy $100 that he could hit the green on a 180 yard par 3 using his left handed club, although he was a right handed golfer. He hit the club upside down and made the green , collecting the $100.
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