Scratch Maria Bartiromo off the Tiger Woods interviewer list
By mustang6560 on 10/24/12
Maria Bartiromo must not follow golf. Otherwise she would've known that Tiger Woods doesn't answer questions that Tiger Woods doesn't want to answer so simply rephrasing your question won't trick him into answering it.

I'll give her a little credit, though. She wasn't afraid to ask Tiger questions her audience wanted answered. But unfortunately for Maria's "golf enthusiast" demographic, she won't be getting another interview with Tiger in the near future (or ever!). Nobody who asks Tiger tough questions gets a second chance to ask Tiger tough questions. Fool Tiger once and you don't get the opportunity to fool Tiger twice.

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Image via Flickr, World Economic Forum

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Scott Shields says:
lOl @ news hack. Tiger is awesome.
JerryScull says:
I didn't think that it was all that bad...she tried once and then pulled back. She is internationally known for her candor and I am sure that someone briefed Tiger on the matter beforehand. NO BIGGIE!
Virtuaframax says:
I dont think it was too bad either... i can def tell that the news lady did not understand a word of what the owner/developer of the company said... LoL
aaronm04 says:
Thirded. I didn't think that was a big deal. I'm no Tiger fan but I wouldn't want to talk about my specific financial details with her either. That said, he is on CNBC, not the Today Show. They are going to want to talk about financials and business especially for a startup backed by a big name like Tiger Woods.
Dave lake says:
Throughout his career, Woods has been the pinnacle of my sporting enjoyment. He has been an asset to the golfing and sporting worlds alike, and in light of his recent form, I look forward to many great things from him. Opportunities to see two such famous players and personalities such as Tiger and Rory, going head-to-head in this format are particularly rare. To see the world #1 and #2 like this is a treat for Chinese golf fans. Unfortuantely, the event isn't being broadcast, but i've heard that you can watch the event online via Spondo at or
C-4 says:
Bahhhh...Tiger sicked the techy geek on her...she was clueless.
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