Tiger Woods has a foul mouth too!
By mustang6560 on 10/30/12
There is a big difference between Tiger Woods and Mark Wiebe (72 PGA Tour titles including 14 major championships to be exact). But the two do share one thing in common — they both have a foul mouth.

In the first round of the AT&T Championship, Mark's humorously foul tirade was caught on video and subsequently broadcast to everyone watching Champions Tour golf on a Friday afternoon (it's safe to assume it wasn't that many). The tirade was picked up by almost every golf website and/or blog (poor Mark). But Tiger dropped his fair share of f-bombs in the Duel at Jinsha Lake and nobody seemed to notice, which is unusual considering every move Tiger makes is closely watched.

Tiger knew he was mic'ed up in the made-for-TV event so I'm guessing he didn't realize his mic was being broadcast. Otherwise he would've watched his f-bombs. Plus, I can empathize with Tiger. I too have trouble because I'm "hitting my short irons so @#$% far."

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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GolfSmith7 says:
Don't care for the the language but it made me chuckle when he said "17 weeks in a row, yeah see me doing that" lol
dottomm says:
I think this kind of exposure is good for the game. This is great banter between the two best golfers in the world and It's nice that they genuinely like to chat each other up.
thebrodeal says:
Swear it up folks! Golf is a 4 letter word! ;)
Scott Shields says:
Love it!!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
He's got enough money it doesn't matter, unlike Mr. Wiebe.
mmontisano says:
everyone knows he has a foul mouth, so no one cares anymore.
tcjonny says:
everyone who has a passion to play competitive golf has had a fowl mouth at least once, if not all the time. go down the the muni and mic everybody up and it'd be colorful
C-4 says:
some people curse and some dont......and...oh no Tiger is going to hell...what is taking you to hell?????
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