Golf, Prehistoric Style
By mustang6560 on 11/13/12
The Palmer Coolum Resort is set to host the Australian PGA Championship next month.

The fact it is hosting the PGA Tour of Australasia finale wouldn't normally be news because the tournament has been played there since 2002, however, the resort will look different this year. Clive Palmer, the billionaire owner of the Queensland resort, added a 28-foot tall by 66-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex to the property. And the mining magnate plans to add 160 more dinosaurs in order to become the largest dinosaur park in the world.

If the point of adding the dinosaur replicas was to draw interest to the resort, well Mr. Palmer, you've succeeded! I'm pretty sure there isn't another golf course in the world where one can golf among prehistoric creatures! And who isn't fascinated with 3,700-pound dinosaur replicas? If any of our Australian oobers plan to attend the Australian PGA Championship, please send us pics of the giant T-Rex to post in the Clubhouse.

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Image via Flickr, InfoMofo

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Torleif Sorenson says:
I guess I don't have a "bone" to pick with Mr. Palmer... :-P
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