"We Know We're Different"
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/28/12
Later this week, the Golf Channel will begin a new imaging and marketing campaign centered around the phrase, "We Know We're Different."

While the first of five spots (above) in the campaign is lacking in humor, the idea has real potential.  The ads are scheduled to run on Golf Channel throughout the winter, but Regina O'Brien, Golf Channel's senior VP of marketing, would be better off creating more inventive and clever spots - then making sure they air on NBC/Universal's other broadcast properties and web sites, along with a few carefully-selected women-oriented web sites and TV shows.

(They can skip Oprah's cable channel, which is tanking faster than the Washington Wizards.)

The Golf Channel's ad campaign has a better chance of succeeding if they could take a page from the clever humor in the Weather Channel's old ad campaigns targeting weather nerds, for example:

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