Meet 14-year-old Tiger Woods, 22 years later
By mustang6560 on 12/6/12
Thanks to oober legitimatebeef for the tip!

Yesterday, Trans World Sport, a sports-related television program based in the UK, released its video profile of Tiger Woods as a 14-year-old — before the fame and fortune.

It's interesting to see Earl Woods, Tiger's father, talk about his son's future in golf nearly four decades ago, especially since so much of it is true. It's also interesting to hear Tiger talk about the issue of race, which he avoids at all cost in 2012.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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legitimatebeef says:
Man that kid could swing. And Pops drove a 60's Mustang--pretty cool. Intriguing how confident they both were about Tiger's future success. Then again in those days who were the big names on Tour? Tom Kite, Corey Pavin, Lee Janzen, Azinger? Good players obviously, but I think the tour was ripe for a takeover anyways. But I think it also reflects just how good the young Tiger's game was. Also interesting that Earl predicted the golf boom in Asia.
legitimatebeef says:
LOL @ "Since I'm black, I might be even bigger than Jack Nicklaus."
Bryan K says:
Calculated ignorance. That's what I like to refer to it as. But Tiger was right. I have played with a lot of youngsters that age who are phenomenal golfers. But all except a couple lack that one quality that Tiger alluded to in this video, albeit I don't think he had the word for it. It's called focus. When you have to make a putt, you make the putt. If you make a bad shot, you make the next one better. All of the kids I have played with except a couple lack that trait. If they have a bad shot, if they have a bad hole, they lose focus. They are certainly able to play a full round at under par without having any bad shots. But that one bad shot will destroy the round.
mmontisano says:

@beef, there was also Greg Norman and Nick Faldo. their total wins is pretty impressive.
C-4 says:
Now thats what I call..."calling your shot" the 10th degree....sad the color barrier still exists decades later!
bkuehn1952 says:
I recall wandering over to the "Insurance Youth Golf Classic" when it was held in Ann Arbor back in 1991. I went because there was a black kid who allegedly could hit a golf ball 300+ yards. I was sure all the stories about Tiger Woods were exaggerated. I waited around the 18th tee for his group to arrive. The hole was playing about 400 yards. After he teed off I walked with him to his ball, which was about 10 yards in front of the 100 yard marker. At the time I thought he might turn out to be an adequate pro and probably would win a few tournaments.
Duke of Hazards says:
@Bryan, to go along with your comment, I remember reading some article about Tiger asking his dad on trip down to a tournament if he could stop at a course on the way and practice 'grinding'... this was when he was a teen. That 'grinding' to get a decent score when your swing is a bit off some days is an enormous factor in a 72 hole stroke tourney. Seems like Tiger has gone away from that a little in recent years.
Bryan K says:
I meant to say "calculated arrogance". LOL
Bryan K says:
You are absolutely right, Duke. I remember reading an article about the typical day in the life of Tiger Woods some time back. He grinded all right. I tried to be like that. I can't get in 10% of the practice time that he does. But this was when his game was at peak level.

I've put in about three hours of practice this week. I intend to put in another hour tomorrow.
DougE says:
If any one of us had 1/2 as much confidence standing over the ball as Tiger did back then (not ability, just plain, flat out confidence), we'd all easily shave many strokes off our handicaps. We know we have the ability to hit it well, but we question that ability when the pressure is on. I get the impression Tiger never questioned his ability to make the ball do whatever he wanted. A little arrogance, though not always appealing to those around you, can go a long way when you can back it up. You don't have to like him to appreciate his unbelievable physical and mental talents.
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