Golf, Afghani Style
By mustang6560 on 12/12/12
CBS This Morning aired a segment yesterday titled "Afghanistan scores first-ever bowling alley, reopens golf course". It featured the Kabul Golf Club, which is a desert-style course located in a dangerous part of the world (although it's not the most dangerous golf course in the world). The next time you end up with a bad lie on your lush, moist, and well-groomed golf course, just remember that your bad lie is probably better than any good lie you'd get at the Kabul Golf Club.

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Image via Flickr, Wikipedia

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Duke of Hazards says:
looks eco-friendly
GBogey says:
I met a guy at Hilton Head a few years back who had just finished a diplomatic corp tour in a desert country, I think it was Kuwait. The practice there was to play on courses similar to these, but your caddie carried a piece of sod with you. Wherever your ball landed, you then put down the sod and place your ball for your next shot.
GolfSmith7 says:
I noticed they didn't show the putting area, I wonder what that looked like.
hughesj says:
Great story!
Bryan K says:
GBogey: There is a golf course in Death Valley, CA that does that. Except it's not a piece of sod, per se. It's one of the mats you use at the driving range.
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