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Kapalua Krack-up
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/9/13
Bill Haas was one of many golfers having trouble not just with the brutal winds, but also with the devilish greens during this week's Hurricane Kapalua Tournament of (some) Champions in Hawaii. One reason this video is extraordinary is because Bill Haas is noted for his even temperament on the course, which was especially evident when he won the 2011 Tour Championship at East Lake with an amazing clutch shot out of the water.

The fact that NBC's Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller were sympathetic to Haas's plight speaks volumes. And if PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has any common sense, he won't impose a fine on Haas for this incident, either.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I noticed that after he made the hard swing with his putter he looked back, as if he was concerned he damaged the green. A buddy once did a "Haas" (swing, not kick) and accidently took a large divot out of the green. He was of course mortified and did his best to repair the damage. I ribbed him for years about it.
mustang6560 says:
I'm glad to see Bill Haas is capable of "feeling". He's always so calm, cool, and collected that it's nice to see a little emotion "slip" out of him.
legitimatebeef says:
Where was this so-called feeling when he saved par to win $10MM? I was watching that Tour Championship, and Haas reacted like he had just won a free appetizer or something, and I thought God these golf guys really are duds, that reputation is deserved. I know people will say Ohhh but he didn't know he had won the Cup, bro!!! Oh excuse me, he thought it was only $1.4MM he had just won, not to mention having saved par from the freakin pond to win by one, the last big tournament of the year. Flying into a rage over missing a par putt, already way out of contention...what are your priorities dude.
guzzlingil says:
No big deal, IMO...

But I don't like when people act like an ARSE on the green....
coojofresh says:
so unlike him from me seeing him in the past. he has earned a outburst imo.
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