Ben Crane admits he's slow
By mustang6560 on 1/10/13
Ben Crane recently released his latest goofy video titled "Therapy Sessions — Slow Life". Similar to his other videos (here, here, here, here, and here), it's clever but not laugh-out-loud funny. But, the interesting thing in my opinion, is he now has more goofy videos (6) than PGA Tour victories (4), and he'll soon have more goofy videos than professional wins (7).

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Image via Flickr, Brian J. McDermott

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Wes11point5 says:
Personally, I find these to be quite annoying.
GolfSmith7 says:
I agree, didn't even watch it!
legitimatebeef says:
If you find this guy funny, I look down on you. Sorry, kind of rude I know, but what are you gonna do.
Wes11point5 says:
His home videos are nowhere near as interesting as Bob Crane's.
joe jones says:
I played 2 rounds with Ben @ Sun City Summerlin in Las Vegas in 1997 before he was on the tour. He was not slow then and was a perfect gentleman. He made a huge impression on me. It was the first time I had played with someone using what is commonly described as the Modern Golf Swing.His club head lag was unbelievable and he hit the ball a long, long way. He had just arrived from the Titleist lab at Carlsbad, Ca & was hitting the latest prototype driver and using the first Pro V ball. This was the third driver he had used. He busted the face on the first two.I give him a pass on the videos. He obviously is having fun and certainly not hurting anyone. My opinion. There are not enough flakes on the tour. He is if nothing else a fascinating personality. Just as long as he keeps up with the group ahead.
aaronm04 says:
Not too many laughs from me in any of his videos. Zero on this one. I didn't even like that Golf Boys video either. My opinion on them aside, I LOVE that there are guys on the Tour that don't take themselves so seriously and show this side of themselves to the public. Not many PGA players do.
Trip says:
Not my favorite one of his, but I am a big fan of his videos and sense of humor. Keep them coming.
bducharm says:
Guys I really like Ben Crane. He is making fun of himself and no one else. He is a Christian and a great guy!!! The Golf Boys were hilarious - I guess my level of humor is WAY below all of yours. To each his own!!!
Torleif Sorenson says:
After watching his "workout video" - particularly the sledge-foam sequence, I finally "get" who he's channeling: Nigel Tufnel from "Spinal Tap."

Now I'm just waiting for Ben to do a video where he grabs an 11.5° driver and says, "this one is better than my 8.5° driver, because it goes all the way to 11.5!"
DougE says:
bducharm: You are right. I am not a fan, one way or the other, of Ben. But I do believe he is a good human being, and that's what matters. Anyone in a high-profile occupation, who is not afraid to make fun of themselves or take themselves too seriously is okay in my book. I loved that he was waiting for Bubba on the final hole of the Masters playoff to give him a big man hug. You could tell he was truly happy for Bubba.
Kurt the Knife says:

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