Hurricane Sandy forced Middle Bay Country Club to close its doors
By mustang6560 on 1/15/13
Middle Bay Country Club in Oceanside, New York, like many places in New England, suffered extensive damage last fall as a result of Hurricane Sandy. And unfortunately the club was recently forced to close its doors for good, reports CBS2 New York.

It's never fun to hear about golf course closings — whether it's a public or private course — especially in a down economy. I don't know anything about Middle Bay or the local economy in Oceanside but according to the report it played an important role in the community. And from the looks of it, the Middle Bay closing will impact several of our fellow oobers.

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Kurt the Knife says:
dang. that sux.
legitimatebeef says:
This Hurricane "f'ed" a lot of people in the "a", to put it rather coarsely. I'd say for the majority of people in the area its the biggest weather event of their lifetimes.
meatball413 says:
You may have to add one of my favorite places to this list: the Jacob Riis Park Pitch and Putt course. OOB lists it as: Breezy Point Executive Golf Course. This course is just a few feet from the boardwalk of the beach in Riis Park, The Rockaways. This is the same area that had the huge fire consuming hundreds of homes. I am not sure what damage was done to the course but I have to believe it is completely covered with sand and debris. I played here very often last season and also competed in a league on Tuesday nights in the summer. I hope it reopens. It is/was one of my favorite places to spend a couple of hours. Living in Brooklyn I witnessed the devastation first-hand. It will take a long time for everyone to get back on their feet.
Bernie Duffer says:
I lived in Oceanside, NY for seven years. Years later, I worked for the public school district there. I can tell you the Middle Bay Country Club was an important part of the community. Oceanside will never be the same without that golf club.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Meatball: When I researched that course a couple of months ago, the different names weren't made clear. Based on your post, I have corrected the name so that it now appears as Jacob Riis.
legitimatebeef says:
I'm sorry to hear about Jacob Riis. I've played there with my gf several times, it's a fun little track. If the damage is anything like what meatball describes, I'm not hopeful of playing there again anytime soon, or ever. Just can't imagine the city spending the money to restore a little pitch and putt; there's so probably so many other demands on funds and resources right now thanks to the stupid hurricane.
meatball413 says:
I agree. It's sad to think I will never play there again but I can't see Parks Department getting involved with repairs. I've taken my wife there for her first ever attempt at golf as well as my nephew. My wife and I just welcomed a baby girl into the world and it is a dream of mine to teach my children the game. I hope by then the course is back in business...
golfgirl says:
We used to go out to Jones Beach when I was a kid... before I ever played golf.. and the Pitch & Putt there always intrigued me. It made golf seem as fun and accessible as shuffleboard, rollerskating or swimming in the surf. From what I understand Jacob Riis park and the little course there was very similar as it was designed by the same man, the Parks Commissioner, Robert Moses. It would really be a shame it they didn't restore/rebuild it, but I'm quite confident they will. It's a monumental undertaking and it'll take time but knowing New York and New Yorkers I feel they'll do it, and I feel there's a good chance it'll happen more quickly than seems possible considering the devastation. As the golf course was an integral part of the parks plan I think it will be restored. One can follow the progress of the clean up (and donate to the effort) at the New York Harbor Parks website (nyharborparksdotorg) So, hopefully Legit and mb413, you'll both be able to play there within a few years. ;-\
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