You-know-who leads by 6
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/28/13
When final round-play at the Farmers Insurance Open resumes in San Diego today (2:10 p.m. EST / 11:10 a.m. PST), Tiger Woods will hold a six-shot lead with 11 holes remaining in regulation play. The conclusion will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network and also streamed online. Nick Watney and defending tournament champion Brandt Snedeker will attempt to make up that deficit...

...but when the leader is getting out of trouble spots like the one below, the statistical probability is awfully slim.

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dottomm says:
I understand the haters, but damm golf is fun to watch when Tiger is playing well.
GBogey says:
Agree with dottomm. First 6 holes of 4th round were amazing - 3 badly sprayed tee shots, one GIR, -3 under par.
GBogey says:
Correction one fairway, not one GIR.
mustang6560 says:
What a series of shots!
Wes11point5 says:
T WOO up by 5 with 2 holes left.
Trip says:
Agree with all the comments. It is fun when Tiger plays well, but I watched most of this tournament and there were quite a few golfers that made a similar if not better shot than Tiger when they was behind that tree. They just don't make the highlight reel.
joe jones says:
The biggest story coming out of this tournament was "SLOW PLAY". The group ahead of Tigers group, Erik Compton,Steve Marino and Brad Fritsch were 1 1/2 holes behind all day. The round took almost 4 1/2 hours to play 11 holes. You could see the look of frustration on Tigers face all day especially on the last 4 holes where by his own admission he lost focus. It's almost like the other players that can't beat him on the course are trying to play mind games with him.Slow play on the tour has to be addressed.The PGA must start adding stroke penalties to improve the situation.Fines don't help. They make so much money that $5,000 is a drop in the bucket. Even worse TV viewers emulate what they see and copy the pro's when they play. I have been involved with very strong Marshall, Player Assistant, Ranger programs and we would give slow groups 1 warning. If they didn't catch up we would make them pickup, add 2 strokes to the score and move them up. If they still didn't catch up we could remove them from the course.
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