Pebble Beach Pro-Am should have celebrity handicap maximums
By mustang6560 on 2/8/13
I'm not trying to be a handicap snob, but it pains me to watch high-handicappers like Chris Berman litter the greens on one of the nicest golf courses in the world with sand. If I was in charge of arranging celebrity players for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, I'd institute a handicap maximum (and it would probably be 12 and under). It doesn't benefit anyone to watch Chris Berman try and hack it out of the sand and then look befuddled by the result.

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Image via Flickr, Marianne O'Leary

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jasonfish11 says:
"It doesn't benefit anyone to watch Chris Berman try and hack it out of the sand..."

Actually it does. If you can't get a benefit out of watching someone else play (no matter their level of play) then that is a problem with you not them.
jgideon84 says:
He appers to be grounding his club in the hazard... I hope they gave him strokes!
joe jones says:
When I see a celebrity hit a skank I can always say " I've got that shot". When a pro hits one out of the rough I have the feeling that they should ask me for advice. Thats where I usually hit from. Pebble brings out the best and the worst. That was the main reason Crosby started the clambake. He encouraged people like Phil Harris to come and provide comedy on the golf course. Who cares how good or bad the celebs are. Thats the whole point of the thing and the fans love it.
CeeBee says:
What bothers me is I wish it was me out there.
srogers13 says:
Methinks Nathan is being a golf snob. You need to quit playing at Bushwoods.
guzzlingil says:
I would agree...

but would cap it at 18.
bkuehn1952 says:
If I played like Chris Berman, I would hope I would be too embarassed to appear at a televised event. Boy does his game look bad. Oh, and yes I am jealous.
guzzlingil says:
I watched a good bit of the Pro-Am....NFW Berman is an 18 capper....he is AWFUL!
bducharm says:
The only maximum they have is how much $$$$$ you got!!!
bsta93 says:
I enjoy watching other people play, regardless of the handicap. I wish they did more of these pro-am events.
onedollarwed says:
I've been benefiting from looking at all the swings, and realizing how precarious the high-capper swing is. I can't usually tell the minute differences in pros' swings in terms of good or bad elements, but you can really see it here. And I'm talking about the better amateurs vs. the hacks too

In reference to Bill Murray's antics, it was noted that if pros didn't want to be around it they wouldn't be playing this tournament. The same might be said for viewers.... I'm watchin'!
Neo says:
I have to agree with the author. This is the one tournament a year I can hardly watch. If I want to see a bunch of crappy amateur golfers, I'll head down to the local course and do it in person. I'd say anyone in this event should be capable of breaking 80?
SpaceMaNy0 says:
It would be ok if they actually showed the pros. Watching people miss 2 foot putts and jack drives a fairway over is easy enough when I play. It was almost like when Tiger plays, the rest of the field gets token coverage while everyone swings.
mjaber says:
Instead of having handicap cap, why not have all the AM's play a qualifier?

Throw a couple exemptions for guys like Murray, and 2 or 3 of the past champions. That way, not only do you know they can play, but you get a bit of an idea if they can handle the pressure.
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