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Kangaroo delay
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/19/13
When Royal Canberra Golf Club hosted the Women's Australian Open last week (won by Jiyai Shin), the club and tournament organizers certainly weren't planning for the course to be temporarily overrun by a mob of eastern grey kangaroos. These giant marsupials can be as much as seven feet tall and hop as fast as 35 mph — and can stop a golf tournament right in its tracks.

The eastern grey kangaroo is also capable of making WJHG-TV news anchor Meredith TerHaar giggle and collapse uncontrollably, like a gigantic gelatin dessert tumbling down a flight of stairs.

(500 bonus points to meteorologist Jim Loznicka for not taking himself too seriously.)

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[ comments ]
Kurt the Knife says:
bloody 'roos. breed like rabbits them things
Duke of Hazards says:
on another note, I thought it was refreshing that Shin, an accomplished LPGA professional leading the tournament actually ran off the tee boxes at times, unprompted, making sure not to fall behind the groups in front due to the much larger galleries following her and Ko. time for these laggards on the men's tour to tear a page out of these Korean girls' books on pace of play.
simivan says:
Don't think it was an unprompted effort.
They were already very much behind at least one hole and a rules official was following them and they probably got warning also.
Matt F says:
@Kurt - Yes they do...that's why we eat em!!
cscovil says:
That would make one hell of a caddy race! Put some bags on those rodents!
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