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"Biggest non-story the media have created since the Kardashian weddings"
By mustang6560 on 2/19/13
On The O'Reilly Factor yesterday, Bill O'Reilly asked columnist and regular show contributor Charles Krauthammer if he agreed with the White House Correspondents Association, who was upset its reporters weren't allowed inside the ropes to watch President Barack Obama play golf with Tiger Woods last weekend. To the surprise of Bill, who appeared to tee up the question, Charles dismissed the outrage saying this is the "biggest non-story the media have created since the Kardashian weddings." Bill quickly backtracked and agreed the story was a non-story, even though he was upset by the story.

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metnorm says:
Personally I hate Bill O'Reilly and almost did not watch the video but I did and thank you Charles Krauthammer. What was surpriseing to me was ol' Billy boy went from having a 'tude about the POTUS playing golf to oh yeah I don't care. Then what did he say Tigers resume is dubius, ummm wouldn't it be his personal life cause Tiger has been a good golfer for many years. Ok I'm done with this I don't like Bill really can't stand him.
legitimatebeef says:
metnorm says:
Well that does sum up what I was trying to say. Thanks beef.
mjaber says:
I don't care if they were allowed in or not. If they are going to make a big stink about it, though, they should probably ask who's idea it was to not allow them in. It would not surprise me, considering how much Tiger tries to keep the mdeia out of his life, that it was him, and not Obama, who said "no press."
mantajim says:
Correct, Ho hum, a non-story, someone's panties got in a wad.
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