Hasta La Vista, Goose!
By mustang6560 on 2/26/13
Thanks to oober bkuehn1952 for the tip!

What do you get when you combine Arnold Schwarzenegger and a goose problem? The GoosInator. It travels by land, by water, by snow, and by ice to deliver one message, "Hasta la vista, goose".

OK, so the GoosInator doesn't actually yell Spanish at geese, but it does scare those disease-carrying, hyper-pooping creatures away from the fairway, which is a good thing. The only thing worst than landing in a fairway divot is landing in a fairway divot filled with goose poop.

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Image via GoosInator

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Torleif Sorenson says:
I'd love to see how those Goosinator is outfitted for golf courses. Hmmm, maybe they should paint all of the motorized carts orange, with the eye and teeth markings on the hood and on the sides.
falcon50driver says:
The boss says we should paint the Falcon like that after our $130,000 goose strike last month.
Torleif Sorenson says:
@falcon50driver: Which specific make and model of Falcon? Can I assume an IFE was declared?
bobhooe says:
yes scare them off the pond so they can crap in my driveway
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