"Did you know Tiger Woods was just here?"
By mustang6560 on 3/14/13
I'm really enjoying the new playful side of Tiger Woods we've seen lately. I'm not sure if we should credit his budding friendship with Rory McIlroy or not, but Tiger's personality in all of the Nike spots has been borderline funny. If the Tiger-Woods-spent-all-last-week-nesting-with-Lindsey-Vonn-on-his-yacht rumors are true, we may also owe the Olympic skier some credit for Tiger's new attitude too.

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bducharm says:
That commercial is classic - "Really?"
larrynjr says:
That IS funny!
Banker85 says:
Love it! He was just misunderstood before!
legitimatebeef says:
Lately? Nathan I know you are young but that young? Tiger has been hamming it up in commercials from the beginning.
srogers13 says:
I am with Beef on this one, who can forget the impersonation of Carl Spackler?
bducharm says:
@srogers13 - that was AWESOME!!!
Panerai111 says:
That was great.
Tim Horan says:
Guys, forget the commercials. He is back with some personality on the course, talking to partners and acknowledging the crowd whilst still in focus with his game. Much as I have denigrated him over the years for his petulance on course,insular and almost insolent behaviour, It is good to see him at ease with himself and a real threat again on the weekends. It can only be good for golf!
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