The Voice Of Golf
By mustang6560 on 4/30/13
It's nice to see Jim Nanz (with the help of David Feherty) poke fun of himself a little in the new CBS Golf promo. The sad part is, if he actually recorded a "My Greatest Hits" album, I bet he'd sell a few copies. Maybe not 800,000, but golf fans have been known to buy sillier things!

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bkuehn1952 says:
Pretty good - possibly the hit track for Jim's follow-up album.
falcon50driver says:
At the risk of sounding like someone with a beef, the phrase "poke fun of himself" rings awkward....shouldn't it be "poke fun AT himself"..or "MAKE fun of himself"?
frankteo714 says:
These came out last year. There's a few different ones.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Nantz would sell more records in the USA than David Hasselhoff ever did.
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