How To Chip A Six-Foot Putt
By mustang6560 on 5/6/13
Derek Ernest may have hit the "Shot of the Tournament" en route to his first PGA Tour victory yesterday — at least according to David Feherty — but Sergio Garcia hit the "Most Entertaining Shot". In the second round of the Wells Fargo Championship, the Spaniard elected to chip his six-foot putt on the par-4 3rd instead putting it.

While it's legal to chip on green, it's rare to see. Normally when you see someone wielding something other than a flat stick on the putting surface, it's because they broke their putter. In Sergio's case, his putter was fine, however, there was a large spike mark in his line that he said would have been impossible to putt over.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
Ok, I have to ask, if the spike mark was too big to putt over why did he not repair it after hitting his chip/putt?
Torleif Sorenson says:
It reminds of the old "stymie" from decades past. I'm sure nobody really misses that, though...
mustang6560 says:
I'm not sure if he fixed the spike mark or not (you can't tell from the video). I hope he did.
birdieXris says:
@mustang - i think that's what he was doing at the end, either asking if he could or telling the official to get out and fix the mark (like they fix the hole after a slam dunk explodes it).
legitimatebeef says:
This guy, has such a talent for swinging the club yet he only makes headlines for the silly stuff like:

gripping and regripping too much
waggling too much
giving the gallery the finger after getting taunted for regripping and waggling
spitting in the cup
destroying a tee marker out of frustration
removing his shoe and hurling it, again frustration
blaming supernatural forces for his failure to win a major championship
telling the Spanish media that he gives up and is not good enough to win a major
climbing a tree to chip out a ball, then WD'ing two holes later

I guess it figures coming from a guy who's most iconic moment was running down a fairway and doing a scissor kick.
Duke of Hazards says:
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