The One That Got Away
By mustang6560 on 5/13/13
(shaking my head) Sergio, Sergio, Sergio. (still shaking my head)

I'm not sure what else I can say. Sergio was tied with Tiger Woods at 13-under-par when he reached the penultimate hole yesterday. He proceeded to put two into the drink on the 17th, which handed Tiger his second Players and his 78th career PGA Tour victory.

If history is any indication, Sergio is due for a big win in the near future. Rory McIlroy bounced back at the 2011 U.S. Open after his collapse at 2011 The Masters. Adam Scott rebounded at The Masters last month after his collapse at the 2012 Open. The only thing that would make his future victory sweeter was if he was paired with Tiger in the final round when he did it.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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legitimatebeef says:
The monday quarterback in me wants to say that subconsciously Garcia was aiming to miss and that way avoid a big showdown with Woods. He is well established enough in his career where you can say he is not exactly a big-time performer. It was a huge miss. It looked about a full club short, and that line--he himself described it as a yard left of the pin. Even if you are trying to make 2, that is a foolhardy line to take. Esp. since Woods still had to negotiate the 18th. Why lay it all on the line when you are *tied* AND your opponent has one more difficult hole to play. It's indefensible. Come on Nathan. Bad decision, bad execution. "Sergio is due for a big win in the future"--what is with this pollyanna nonsense.
C-4 says:
Lets talk about the Tiger win and not the Sergio choke! El Tigre won another biggie. Some will say he still has not won a major this year....
birdieXris says:
as i was watching this happen i actually jumped out of my chair. My wife and in-laws were there and i was calling pretty much every shot for them as they asked questions. "why did he do that? What club did he hit?", etc. So Sergio gets on the tee and i say "if he's smart, he takes a little 9 iron and puts it center/right side of the green and tries to feed it to the hole, but i know he's full of piss and vinegar so he'll probably go right at the flag and do something stupid like put it in the water". Unreal, and really sad. Then he Tin Cups it and does it again??? Wow. I will go out on a limb and say that at least he didn't *hand* him the round and that there was a possible - if not unlikely - tie if David Lingmerth birdies the 18th - which ended up being an accessible shot thanks to the dry conditions and the slope at the front of the green. Twas not to be though. I was really hoping - could you imagine??? Tiger chased down by a relative nobody? *Drool*
bkuehn1952 says:
Agree with LB. If Sergio had been trailing then going for that shot might have made sense. It seems that many major champions learn that there are times for caution and times to risk it all. Sergio seems to need to always hit the heroic shot when caution is advised.

Maybe they can start a wing of the World Golf Hall of Fame for "Best Player to Never Win A Major". They already have one member, right Colin?
jrbizzle says:
I was as shocked as everybody that he went at that sucker pin, and came up short. I don't think that was a smart choice at all.

But to be fair - him going for it the second time was the right decision. Because the only way he had a chance to stay in it was to jar it close and walk away with a bogey and hope to pick up a stroke on 18.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Tin Cup! Tin Cup! Tin Cup!
joe jones says:
Unless Sergio learns to admit his own mental shortcomings and mistakes he will continue to fail. He always finds something or another person to blame. The rain, the fans , other players are always the problem never him. He is a great talent with a big mouth and five inches of bone between his ears. His final comment that he did nothing wrong and was the victim shows how faulty his thinking is.He has always been this way so I don't know why people think he will change. Go on the internet and lookup Sergio Garcia's failures to see his history of futility. Poor baby.
bobhooe says:
that's why sergio is sergio
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