Swing And A Miss!
By mustang6560 on 5/13/13
Lee Westwood was in the mix at The Players last week until he reached the first hole on Saturday. The Englishman hit his tee shot left on the starting hole, which came to rest awkwardly close to a tree. Instead of taking his medicine, punching out, and trying to get up and down for par (bogey at worst), Lee tried to get as full of a swing on the ball as possible. As a result he whiffed and double bogeyed the hole.

In my opinion, this is why Lee isn't a major champion. He doesn't truly understand risk versus reward — just like Sergio Garcia. Both players made poor shot selections on the weekend at TPC Sawgrass, granted Sergio's aggressive tee-shot on the 17th Hole was a much bigger fail. You can recover from a bogey, but a double bogey absolutely kills your scorecard, especially on the first hole of moving day!

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legitimatebeef says:
The world #1 just won for the fourth time this year and 78th overall and here you are leading off the morning with posts about Sergio Garcia and now Lee Westwood (T8) whiffing? Wow Nathan. Scintillating stuff.
bkuehn1952 says:
Wow. I won't feel so bad next time I whiff while trying an awkward shot. If a former OWGR #1 can whiff then maybe I am in good company.
jcstoll says:
And don't forget the shanking - didn't Webb Simpson shank one?
Ianinho says:
I had one of these yesterday also!
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