Did Tiger Woods Take Another Illegal Drop?
By mustang6560 on 5/14/13
Tiger Woods left TPC Sawgrass last Sunday with his second career Players trophy and his second drop controversy of the year (or third if you ask Bob Harig).

In the final round, Tiger hooked his tee shot into the water on the par-4 14th. He proceeded to consult his playing partner, Casey Wittenberg, and on-course television commentator, Mark Rolfing, who both agreed his ball last crossed the hazard near the fairway bunker Tiger, so he dropped up the fairway. But not everyone agreed with their judgement including Johnny Miller and Peter Jacobsen.

At the end of the day, Tiger is still the Players champion as the PGA Tour has already moved onto the Byron Nelson, but if you look at the video below, Tiger's drop looks suspicious at best. A lot of people questioned his motives following "The Drop Heard 'Round The World" in the second round of The Masters. Now we have a second possible illegal drop in as many tournaments. As my high school principal used to say, "Once is an accident. Twice is a trend."

h/t Geoff Shackelford

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legitimatebeef says:
Yes he did and the best part is he got away with it. With millions watching on TV too. Wittenberg is probably on the payroll or at least getting a huge kickback. After all that sweet drop was instrumental in Tiger making double bogey there. OK so there are hundreds of hazard drops taken at every tournament, do you think each one is executed with the kind of precision people seem to be expecting from this one. I didn't think so. So he cheated, at least it was the same kind of cheat that everyone else commits. Amazing that the guy is able to win at all with the scrutiny that dogs every single shot of his. The level of scrutiny really is unprecedented.
GolfSmith7 says:
That blimp over head shot and other angles are not reliable. The camera is not directly behind Tiger and the blimp shot, Its not directly above him. The blimp shot is coming at an angle looking towards the water so everything at the bottom of the TV screen looks closer and everything higher looks further away. However, lets say he drops further back, he still hits his 3 wood and at worse takes a double. Well that's exactly what he did, get a double and still won.
mschad says:
+1 GolfSmith; There was not one view directly inline with the flight of the ball. Heck I was pulling for someone else, but all this Tiger bashing is getting really really old.
jasonfish11 says:
I'm so f'ing tired of this crap.

I'm going to start calling in slow play penalties when I watch a group online. Since every player is probably breaking the slow play rules. All PGA Tour players are signing wrong score cards and should be DQ'ed. Give 100% of the payout to charity.

No payouts or winners for the rest of the year. Just DQ all of them after the 1st round.

Well except Guan he won the masters because he was the only one who signed a score card that had a slow play penalty on it.
Dusty23 says:
After getting bagged at the Masters and in the Middle East this year, you would think Woods would learn to confirm a ruling with an official. His track record this year isn't very good.
Sert Thipavong says:
Who gives a rat's ass!!! get over it, it's done and over. cheating is not the word. its golf, we all drop at a spot that is not really where we think it is. Stop hating on Tiger. so now theres gonna be dum fucks watching Tiger every move during a turney?
Sert Thipavong says:
@jasonfish11 LOL ! I'm so fucking tired of this shit too.
chadv99 says:
cry babies. quit stirring up controversy. Who writes these articles? His playing partner didn't have a problem with it. Haters.
FiddySnead says:
Stupid article
C-4 says:
CHEATING..BAD DROP....goes out the window when his partner was cool with the drop....HAAAAAAATERS..and by the way cameras are very tricky...who is this hack on the video???? Someone get him a new golf shirt...preferably a nice new shirt for the T-Dub line!
Bryan K says:
The PGA is ridiculous. That's all.
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