Miguel Angel Jimenez: Stay Flexible My Friends
By mustang6560 on 5/17/13
Do you have an established warm-up routine? If not, then you should watch Miguel Angel Jimenez's new stretching video. The folks at Golf Monthly caught up with The Mechanic recently to film the Most Interesting Man in Golf demonstrate the Most Interesting Warm-up Routine in Golf.

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birdieXris says:
Perfect and honestly, it should take about that long. The man knows his stuff for sure. I remember when they were poking a little fun at him during the one tournament because he was doing those moves.
Torleif Sorenson says:
At least he isn't puffing on a cigar during that routine. It reminds me of the pro athlete who complained about running during the training camp because the wind kept putting out his cigarette.
joe jones says:
As well as he hits the ball his routine must be working. The mechanic is a very interesting man who has made a wonderful life for himself. More power to him.
DougE says:
One of my favorites on the Euro Tour. He is such a character. Love his attitude. So matter-of-fact. My mother-in-law can't stand him, simply because of his hair. (She doesn't like anybody that doesn't fit her mold.) That makes me like Jimenez even more!
birdieXris says:
So, on the subject of stretching.... this sequence really really works. Like, really. Tried it before the tournament this weekend and was not stiff at all on the first tee.
mustang6560 says:
Dude epitomizes the classic, old school golfer. He hits a white ball around in between smoking stogies and sipping rioja.
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