Nicolas Colsaerts Takes Relief In The Loo!
By mustang6560 on 5/20/13
As one of the longest hitters in professional golf, Nicolas Colsaerts earned the nickname The Belgian Bomber — he led the European Tour in Driving Distance last year averaging over 318 yards off the tee. But we may need to give him a new nickname, or at least a second nickname, following his quarterfinal loss to eventual winner Graeme McDowell in the Volvo World Match Play Championship.

On the par-4 10th Saturday, The Belgian Plumber hit his tee shot left into the hazard. The rules official on hand determined the nearest point of relief was inside the loo right by toilet. As the announcer says, "The great disappointment is that he doesn't actually have to play it from there." Since the bathroom was classified as an immovable obstruction, he received a free drop outside. And wouldn't you know — he went on to make par and halve the hole...

h/t Press Tent

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BULL.W.E. says:
Well that is what I'd call a sh**ty lie!
falcon50driver says:
It's good he didn't have to hit from in there, he'd be pissed.
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