Rickie And Colt In An Exhibition Match
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/23/13
In the run-up to this week's PGA Tour stop at Colonial in Fort Worth, Tour pros Rickie Fowler and Colt Knost participated in a short-game contest just outside American Airlines Center, the home arena of the Dallas Stars. Both players have regional ties; Fowler was a member of the Oklahoma State University men's golf team, while Knost grew up in Pilot Point, Texas and lives in Dallas.

Fowler impressed the most, dropping one wedge shot to just 30 inches from the jar:

h/t Eye on Golf

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bkuehn1952 says:
If by some miracle I should become a minor celebrity with hopes of becoming a big celebrity, I want Rickie Fowler's PR team. This guy gets more press, TV time and notoriety than anyone else in professional golf with a single win.

There are some people that seem to have a knack of getting more attention than their record or position in life warrants. I tip my forward facing hat to the PR people working for Mr. Fowler.
Trip says:
You are right, and it works. He is at least part of the reason why my kids are getting into golf, and I'm grateful. They don't watch too much with me but always ask, "How's Rickie doing?".
Duke of Hazards says:
the kids love him. at both So Cal tourneys that I regularly attend (@ Riviera and Sherwood), most of the kids 16 and under are dressed either just like him or at least have some Puma gear on.
legitimatebeef says:
What can you say he's the man.
DougE says:
He stands out from the crowd. Though he may only have one win, his persona is pretty big. His California surfer good-looks and motocross background made all the young girls want to be around him and all the young boys want to be like him. Sure, winning is great, but having the whole 7-25 year-old demographic world attracted to you will go a long way towards staying relevant in the sport---at least as long as he stays in the competitive mix, which he has done for the most part since he joined the Tour. Yes, he has missed some cuts, but even the best golfers miss cuts. His style and pace of play is refreshing to most of us, compared to so many boring, methodical, yet good players on Tour. One thing is for sure, more Rickie Fowler emulators will equal quicker rounds down the round. IMO, he is great for the sport for that simple fact alone, but many other reasons as well.
legitimatebeef says:
Aww Dougie they got to you too? I thought you could see better. Rickie Fowler is a nice enough guy, a solid tour pro and agreeable young man. But this idea that he is all flash and dash--all marketing! Have you seen him do an interview or talk to a reporter? Even for a pro golfer he is wooden and that is saying something. He has a dead-eyed look and feel about him. Even when he won his big first big tournament there was almost no reaction. The idea that he is this larger than life, this idol, well sorry Dougie but I feel you have been taken in by loud colors and with-it hairstyles and Red Bull promotional events.
DougE says:
Oh Beef, I haven't been taken in. I worked on Madison Ave. and was in the advertising/marketing business for over 20 years. I am clearly aware of how his PR people have built his image up to do exactly what it has done. They have made him into something that stands out. They did a good job, but they also had a lot to work with. In reality, he is a slightly above average PGA touring pro who, if you take away his good looks, loud clothes and PR people, might be only a somewhat familiar name on Tour. He is far from one of my favorites, but having been in the promotional arena myself for so long, I can appreciate how good he (his image) is for promoting the game to the younger set. And, I do like his quick style of play. That is certainly a good thing for the game.
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