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Dangerous On-Course Animal Sightings
By mustang6560 on 6/5/13
At Colonial, we rarely see a dangerous predator on the course. In fact, the most dangerous animal I've seen strolling the fairways was a white tail doe with her two fawns in toe. But not all golf courses are as safe as my home course.

At Vinoy Resort Golf Club, for example, you have to watch out for a Burmese python!

And at Knollwood Golf Course you have to watch out for California black bears!

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bkuehn1952 says:
Never seen anything more dangerous on our Michigan courses than a skunk family. Canada Geese, when tending little ones, can be very aggressive. They warn you by hissing, however, when they think their space is being invaded.

Finally, a local course (Radrick Farms) has a warning for rattlesnakes (eastern massasauga rattlesnake) but I am a bit dubious about the actual risk of encountering one.
GolfSmith7 says:
I played in a course in Baytown Texas that had several 10 foot or longer gators. It was scary to see one on the course and near my ball that fell short of the green. I let the gator keep the ball. lol
jasonfish11 says:
Lol gators are docile. Just nudge them with your driver and they will slide into the water and leave you alone. Just make sure they can see you coming (dont walk up behind them to do it).

There is a course in Australia with bull sharks in the ponds. It got flooded and when the water receided the sharks were stuck. But since they can live in fresh water they just stayed.
biglou11 says:
several courses in Central Texas have rattlesnake warnings, though I've never seen one. Seen several foxes, and have heard coyotes near Star Ranch. The closest encounter was a large Bobcat on Courses of Clear Creek, Ft Hood, TX, He was crouched and stalking something, but didn't bother any people.
biglou11 says:
Forgot, I've also seen several gators in Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina.
zeroSPace says:
I've seen alligators at the Disney World golf courses and I've seen Black Bear more than a few times at Berkshire Valley in New Jersey. I'd also seen a few coyotes on courses in CA, but I'm not sure how dangerous they are by themselves in broad daylight.
C-4 says:
You really have to watch out for the "Hackers" in the midwest...very very dangerous!
Bryan K says:
I've seen bunch of coyotes since moving to Arizona. But the coyotes down here are docile. They go running when they see you. They aren't like the ones up north who like to eat golfers.

I also saw an ocelot on the course, and that was a bit more frightening for me.

I've run into rattlesnakes in the wild before in North Dakota. I haven't seen one in the desert yet.
Kurt the Knife says:
Snakes in NCal. Oh, and wild turkeys. I nailed one in the back pretty solid once slicing a shot OOB. Pretty sturdy buggers, just walked it off. What I hate most is the Canada goose poo on my push cart wheels. Would like to take a 3 wood swing at the heads of some of them feathered feces factories.
Kurt the Knife says:
hmmm, all things considered...I might be any course's biggest hazard.
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