Get To Know Muirfield: Holes 4-6
By mustang6560 on 7/11/13
Yesterday, we posted Golf Monthly's preview of the first three holes at Muirfield, the site of the 142nd Open Championship. As promised, here are holes 4-6. In addition to the video, I've also included the description of each hole, which is posted on

Hole 4, Par 3, 226 Yards

This testing short hole was lengthened by 33 yards in time for the 2002 Open and is now to be played from a new Championship tee which has added a further 13-yards to its length. The tee shot is played to a plateau green that is 40-yards deep and protected by bunkers and hollows on both sides. It is important to hit enough club because anything that lands short will run down the slope and into one of the traps.

Hole 5, Par 5, 559 Yards

The first of Muirfield's long holes features one of the most testing tee shots on the course. Competitors have to carry a large expanse of rough ground to reach the fairway but if they get too greedy they will fall off the fairway into a bunker and if they play too safe they can run out of fairway and into more sand on the other side. Down the prevailing wind the green is reachable in two but it is protected by a cluster of bunkers on both sides.

Hole 6, Par 4, 461 Yards

This might well be the most demanding hole on the course. The tee shot almost always has to be played across the wind to a hidden fairway and the second then struck towards a green that is protected by three bunkers and has Archerfield Wood as its backdrop. New hollows have been introduced short and left of the green and the right-hand greenside bunker moved slightly to the left.

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