Did It Move or Not?
By mustang6560 on 9/16/13

Tiger Woods was involved in another highly publicized rules infraction last Friday.

As he was moving a few twigs next to his ball on the first hole of the second round, his ball moved.

From Tiger's point of view, the ball appeared to oscillate, so he alerted his playing partners and proceeded as normal. However, a freelance videographer captured the action on camera and in the high-def replay, the ball appeared to move.

After his round, Slugger White, the chief rules official on the PGA Tour, showed Tiger the video and assessed the world number one a two-stroke penalty, which turned his opening double bogey into a quadruple bogey.

Despite the video evidence, Tiger stood firm saying the ball didn't move.
"As I said, from my vantage point, I thought it just oscillated and that was it," Woods said Saturday after shooting a 5-under 66 at Conway Farms. "They replayed it again and again and again. And I felt the same way."
I can buy the fact Tiger felt like the ball oscillated from his point of view standing over it, however, after watching the video, it's pretty clear the ball moved so I'm surprised he remained steadfast.

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birdieXris says:
Yep, it moved. Tiger couldn't honestly feel that the ball oscillated. It didn't return to it's original spot, it moved one direction (down) and stayed there.
Duke of Hazards says:
Only after watching the replay several times could I confirm that it actually moved. I don't fault Tiger for not calling the penalty on himself initially, as it was all but imperceptible in real-time, but he should've conceded after several viewings of the video.
Matt McGee says:
If the same thing happened to Kevin Streelman, would a camera be there to record it? The double standard of relative fame is getting old.
birdieXris says:
Tiger was thinking about cheating here too. He knew it moved and that's why he stopped. When you start removing stuff from around the ball, even as a hacker, you find a spot on the ball and you stare at that sucker until you're done pulling stuff out. Tiger's gotten passes before, even one that should have been a DQ. Got a problem with it, Tiger? next time don't hit into the crap and you won't have to remove stuff from under your ball. It just shows he can't be trusted.
jasonfish11 says:
Everyone its ok for him to cheat. He has a disease. He's a sex addict.
ChrisW0521 says:
Are you kidding me? Every amateur who plays golf has been in and seen this same thing happen to us. You know when your ball moves especially as a pro. You can tell he was looking at his ball and he seen it, that is exactly why he stopped moving twigs, etc around his ball.
metnorm says:
lol jason
GBogey says:
I'm not a traditionalist but it seems to me the rules of golf were written in a pre-digital age. When you look at real time speed, the ball oscillates but doesn't move. When you zoom in and slo-mo, it oscillates and doesn't move, but when you zoom in and really slo-mo (I saw 3 versions) it appears to move. Perhaps Tiger's eye couldn't see it move. I think the real issue is the digital call ins - if the naked eye can't see it happen, then should it really be a penalty?
GBogey says:
Another thought or two - Johnny Miller said the ball moved 1/16th of an inch by settling down. If the ball settles down 1/16th of an inch but stays in the same place, is that a penalty (I really don't know)? My guess is that if you measure it, and I am sure some video geek will soon figure out how, almost every time a player marks his ball on the green be it professional or amateur the ball is likely misplaced by 1/16th of an inch or more.
Again, in the end some of this call in stuff had to stop.
bkuehn1952 says:
I do not like ultra close-up slow motion video used as a Rules determinant. In real time a player can only see and sense so much. The marking and re-marking process is a perfect example of how video re-play could pervert the Rules process in golf.

On the other hand, if you are removing loose impediments and the ball oscillates, you pretty much have removed too much, too close to your ball. If a pro makes a ball oscillate when removing loose impediments, he/she deserve a penalty just for being stupid, Tiger included.
BlameMe says:
Why people think the ball oscillates is beyond me, the ball moves and does not return back to where it started and that is as clear as day in the above video in real time. Tiger got it wrong simple as!
falcon50driver says:
So he's a cheater in more ways than one.
mmontisano says:
i can't stand these after-the-fact rulings. the only people who should be allowed to assess penalties is the player, the playing partner, or a rules official that has been called in to make a ruling. no assessing penalties after the next shot has been played. the way it is now puts the more popular players at a disadvantage. sometimes rules infractions just happen. most are probably unintentional, like this one.
Matt F says:
F him.
Bertie_16 says:
George: I think it moved. Jerry: It moved?. George: It may have moved, I don't know. Jerry: I'm sure it didn't move. George: It moved!, it was imperceptible, but I felt it. Jerry: Maybe it just wanted to switch positions, you know shift to the other side.
jasonfish11 says:
I think he was arguing that the ball never came to rest, therefore he didn't cause it to move?

After all it was moving at about 65,000 mph before he even steped up to it. Which coincidently is the same speed my computer is moving right now.
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