Keegan Bradley Celebrates Eagle By "Dufnering"
By mustang6560 on 9/23/13

In the final round of the Tour Championship, Keegan Bradley holed out from the fairway on the par-4 7th for an eagle. He celebrated the rare eagle by "Dufnering" in the middle of the fairway.

His "Dufnering" celebration appears to be spontaneous, however, I'm willing to bet he's been planning it for some time now. After all, he is the person who started the golf meme in the first place.

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homermania says:
Love it. I hope Keegan is around for a long time.
joe jones says:
That is one of the coolest reactions I have ever seen. After watching Bradley on The Feherty show I can see why he is popular on the tour. Yes he is fidgity and has a spastic pre shot routine but it's worth it . Nice to have players with a few quirks instead of all of the cookie cutter guys on the tour.Dufner was a perfect foil for that moment.
mjaber says:
That's great, but with the slow play issue being at the fore-front of most conversations, do we really need to start celebrating every good/great/lucky shot? What's next? Birdie celebration dances? The "I hit the fairway" foxtrot? A "sand-save" samba?

I feel the same way about football players celebrating after virtually every play. Do we really need the running back to signal that he got a first down? Don't we have referees for that? I made a tackle, so I'm gonna get up and dance, even though my team is down 3 touchdowns and there 3 minutes left in the game. Really?
Ianinho says:
@mjaber, are you actually serious?
joe jones says:
mjaber.You can't be serious. Lighten up man!
BK Smith says:
mjaber - just think of a the time he didn't spend putting!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I totally agree with mjaber. Plus he's a douche for not even coming up with something original.
srogers13 says:
Space, if it was not for Keegan, Dufnering probably would not have really seen the light of day. He was the one that posted the picture on twitter, mocking Dufner for fun. Also, he was one of the very first ones to post a picture of himself Dufnering. So, if anything, he is the one who was being original. Top that off that he was playing with Dufner, and basically did the pose after the shot to have some fun at Dufner's expense. They are friends, and this was the next step in a game of one upmanship they are having fun with.
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