Golf Cart Fire
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/30/13

Until hearing the slacker shooting this video, I never knew that fire could "drip."
  1. Hopefully, Mr. Slacker-Guy learns to stop turning his phone on its side during the dramatic parts, and

  2. Hopefully, Mr. Slacker-Guy will be shooting video when a mouse invades his bachelor apartment, so we can hear him continue to scream like a little girl again.
At least Mr. Slacker-Guy didn't describe the fire as "groovy"...

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H/T: Eye on Golf

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larrynjr says:
he was dope...........on it anyhow
dottomm says:
I'm gonna guess this was in Florida???
mantajim says:
"Time for us to take off"
What did they do, start the fire!
jrbizzle says:
This video is edited, not real. Just watch the way the smoke clouds behave in the tree lines down the right hand side.
Torleif Sorenson says:
jrbizzle: The wind was variable (you can hear it blowing on the microphone), causing the smoke to change height and direction. Unless you have a more detailed, Zapruder Film-level explanation, I still believe it's just a real, Slacker-filmed golf cart fire. :)
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