Phil Mickelson: From Hero to Zero
By mustang6560 on 10/7/13

As the old saying goes, "It's better to be lucky than good", and Phil Mickelson was the recipient of a lucky break in his match against Angel Cabrera yesterday.

From a side-hill lie, Lefty attempted one of his signature improbable shots on the par-4 14th. He tried to play a low cut around a tree and over the water. But his ball clipped a tree branch and was headed to a watery grave -- or so we thought.

As a gift from the golf gods, his ball skipped across the water and landed safely on the other side. From there, the short-game wizard chipped up to a few feet to save par and win the hole to go 2-up -- or so we thought.

Not only did Angel chip-in for par from behind the green to save his par, Phil missed his short putt. So instead being 2-up with four to play, the match was all square heading into the par-5 15th. The U.S. Team went on the win the Presidents Cup, but Lefty lost his match 1-up to the Argentine.

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Image via Callaway

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slimpks1850 says:
Well I guess Phil, like Gerry, missed the putt. If he missed another putt for a save, why's it worth looking at?

More fawning over Phil.
legitimatebeef says:
What a jerk!
mojocracker says:
"Tour players hate Phil". I hate Phil. Therefore I am a tour player.
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