Rob Hogan Wins Speedgolf World Championship
By mustang6560 on 10/29/13

The second annual Speedgolf World Championship was held last weekend at Bandon Dunes. The competition, which featured 55 competitors from six different countries, was played over two days on the Old Macdonald course.

To determine a player's overall score, you simply add his total score plus total minutes.

In the end, Rob Hogan of Ireland won the championship with a combined score of 236.55. He shot a 77 in 39:31 on Saturday and a 79 in 41:29 on Sunday to capture the second annual championship.
"This is absolutely massive for me," Hogan said. "It's something I've dreamed of the past year, something I've worked really hard for. I got into a couple dodgy situations today, but I'm really proud because I stayed calm and got through it without too much damage."
Have any oobers tried Speedgolf? It's an interesting game, but a game I am not eager to try.

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Image via Bandon Dunes

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bkuehn1952 says:
I always sort of wondered if a really good runner could hack his/her way around the course and win. Based on the results, the answer is no. These guys were going round the course in 35-40 minutes so every golf shot was equal to 2 minutes of running time. On that basis, the golf aspect seems to be the more important element in the overall score. Generally, the winners and top 3 in each category seemed to shoot better than the other entrants versus just running faster.
jasonfish11 says:
Not fair. He is a member at red maples golf course.
jfurr says:
I know it seems a bit odd but I am considering trying this. I have a slender light stand bag and putting together a second set. I'm trying to start running, which I hate, so maybe this will be fun. Have to make a deal with one of the courses to let me do it. Perhaps if I play super early or when not busy.
jpjeffery says:
HATE running.
joe jones says:
Now if they had a tournament that combined the highest score and the slowest round I think I might qualify. Just joking. . Years ago I had a friend that had the first tee time and when you asked him how he played he would respond 1 hour and 23 minutes. He was a past club champ and played to a 5 handicap but he ran between shots. The caddies hated him but he paid very well
bkuehn1952 says:
@jfurr: I have day dreamed about whether I could play a round (walking/running) in under 2 hours and shoot under 85. I am certainly no long distance runner but I've busted my butt a few times and walked 9 holes in under an hour. So if I jogged a bit it might be possible. Keep us informed if you give it a try as will I.
falcon50driver says:
Last week, I herded two balls around 18 holes in exactly 3 hours, with a cart. Wasn't hurrying.
legitimatebeef says:
I'm probably about a 15 handicap in running, and my golf handicap isn't much better, but I'm guessing there isn't that much overlap of the two skill sets among the general pop, especially the pop around here, so if there was such a competition locally, I would be first in line. Plus playing a round where the pace of play is only limited by your physical human limitations sounds liberating. It must be a lot of fun. There is probably strategy inherent in the competition too. Because strokes are weighted more heavily in the scoring than minutes elapsed, when you hit a bad shot maybe you need to run faster to the ball; or when you hit a good shot, you can relax the pace a bit and conserve some energy.
Backquak says:
so if the group in front is holding you up, do you play into them and fight to get through the hole first? I'm just wondering how they stagger the tee times for these competitions.
mustang6560 says:
jfurr -- You may be on to something. Speedgolf may be the answer to early morning weekday golf!
dottomm says:
So, I just got back from Bandon Dunes this weekend when they were holding the SGC. These guys are nuts!

I traveled to this amazing golf resort to fully enjoy the weather, the location, the sound of the ocean and the incredible golf experience. These guys are blowing through it in ~40min. I am all for speeding up play, but this is ridiculous.

My buddy and I were the last tee time on Friday evening. We've got no one behind us and a slow foursome in front. We're getting ready to tee off on the third tee and my buddy notices 'something' in the fairway on #1. "What is that he says?" Next thing we know we're walking to our balls in the fairway #3 par 5 and we hear, "Hey! Can I play with you?" while he's jogging in place. I yelled back "Please just play through!" He ripped a huge tee shot close to 300yds. runs past us practically before the ball lands, gets to his ball. Runs in place some more while he waits for the group on the tee to get off. Rips another one 180-200 yards onto the green. Wow!
dottomm says:
Also, I heard a speed golfer in the dinning room talking about those Speed Golfers who are poor at golf but fit runners; they just carry a 3-iron for driving, approach and putting. Could you imagine?!
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