Sean Foley on Charlie Rose
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/1/13

Sean Foley has become such a hot property in the golf instruction world that even Charlie Rose saw fit to do an extended interview with him on PBS earlier this week. Part of what makes this interview interesting is Foley's views about the importance of long irons in the overall game, which is pretty much the opposite approach of short-game guru Dave Pelz. Both instructors rely on statistics and empirical data, although Foley gets his data most from others, while Pelz (a former NASA engineer) spent years collecting and accumulating the data himself — and analyzing (and re-analyzing) what it means.

Later on in the interview, Foley also gives some interesting thoughts about what he learns by watching some of his clients on the course, including how asking some questions a certain way helps him draw more information out of them.

Whether or not you're buying what Foley is selling, this is an interesting conversation.

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legitimatebeef says:
Instructors are always looking for novel statements that try to turn conventional thinking on its head, or reveal something previously unseen. All to attract attention, and understandably--it's a competitive free market out there. But there are only so many new wrinkles you can find in a game that is ancient and has been played by billions of people before us. How about ALL the irons are important to the overall game? And the driver, and the woods, and the wedges and putter.
mmontisano says:
I think Foley is talking about Tour players while Pelz actually tries to help the common hack.
falcon50driver says:
Anybody ever wonder why, if these instructors know so much, why aren't they putting it to use on the tour, and winning tons of tournaments themselves.
For instance, why do the guys working at brokerage houses spew all this great advice about stocks to buy, have to go to work 8 to 5 instead of making millions in the market for themselves? Answer, they are all just snake oil salesmen.
Dusty23 says:
To Falcon: Those who can do, those who can't teach. It's the same in other sports, most of the great coaches were never great players or players that ever made it to the highest level in their sports.
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