Jarrod Lyle Returns - And Makes The Cut
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/15/13

Earlier this week, we told you about Jarrod Lyle, the Australian golfer who recently survived a second battle with acute myleoid leukemia. On Thursday, Lyle made an emotional — and triumphant — return to the big stages of professional golf at the Australian Masters.

And having shot 72-71, Lyle is in an 11-way tie for 36th, ten shots behind leaders (and fellow Aussies) Adam Scott and Nathan Holman, which means he made the cut:
"I've done it. To me, it feels like I've won the tournament. I felt like I had a two-shot lead on that last hole and all I wanted to do was just dribble it in so I didn't screw it up and miss the cut. I couldn't be happier right now."
We're right there with you, mate.

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falcon50driver says:
72-71 not rubbish, mate
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