Peter Malnati: The Eagle Has Landed
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/14/14

Clearly, Peter Malnati caught a flier — and in the final replay, you can see he dropped his wedge in agony almost immediately, knowing the same thing. Then one second later, it was "the eagle has landed."

So, instead of finished T-51 at -4, he finished T-36 at -6. That, as Shane Bacon notes, was good for an extra $10,000, something any PGA Tour rookie needs more than anything else — except that all-important first tour victory, that is.

Malnati is a Tour alumnus who played NCAA Division I golf at (and graduated from) the University of Missouri. He is a native of New Castle, Indiana, known primarily for basketball than golf. But if the 26-year-old can make a big impact in the majors, perhaps he can inspire kids in his hometown to hit the links instead of the hardwood. In fact, in his PGA Tour profile, Malnati said he got his start in golf because of "a crazy neighbor."

Perhaps we can get him to tell that story someday. (Can you take a hint, Peter?)

H-T: Shane Bacon

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joe jones says:
The Golf Gods have spoken. This time they giveth.
frankteo714 says:
I did the exact same thing a few months ago! It was so damn lucky. Never holed out like that before.
snuffyword says:
Great miss!
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