Fan Sinks 95-Foot Putt, Wins Car
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/19/14
Last weekend, Patrick Burch, an IT specialist with a general contracting firm in Birmingham, attended his first-ever basketball game at Auburn University. Then, he was selected from the crowd to attempt a 95-foot putt down the length of the wooden floor. The winner would receive $15,000 toward a new Toyota from a local dealership.

Nobody had ever made the putt before, until...

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H-T: Shane Bacon

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legitimatebeef says:
Doesn't look that hard, just gotta get it started on the right line.
sjduffers says:
"The greens are fast here in Auburn". Classic!
Torleif Sorenson says:
sjduffers: Yes, I *do* wonder what the court there runs on the Stimpmeter. I wish ESPN would have shown us an end-view, so we could see just how flat the floor is at Auburn Arena.

What I'd *really* like to see is the same thing played on an ice rink. A 180-foot putt over ice.
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