Tom Watson's One-Armed Backward Chip Shot
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/19/14

Fred Couples won the Toshiba Classic this past weekend, but the biggest highlight still belongs to Tom Watson, whose short-game prowess has not diminished over the decades.

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falcon50driver says:
He seems to make a lot of" lucky" shots.
joe jones says:
I had occasion to use that shot twice over the years. Both times from the edge of a lake. I wish I could say that it was successful. Once I wiffed the ball completely. . The second time I got it on the green and two putted for a bogey.Must have something to do with having talent like Watson and using your imagination.
GBogey says:
Have tried this twice. First time I was 100 yards from hole. Hit the ball soundly and with a hard fairway progressed 50 yards or so, from which I hit a beautiful lob to 4 feet, made the putt for an all-time par save. Second time, with much more confidence, wasn't as pretty.
birdieXris says:
i practiced this after i saw lee trevino do it on one of the golf shows. never used it in the round.
DougE says:
Because it's an everyday thing for me to be out in the yard chipping balls anytime I'm home (when there's no snow on the ground) and not at the golf course or working, this shot gets practiced regularly. I will chip 10 or 15 balls normally towards a target in the yard. Then when I go to get them all, I will sometimes hit them back as Tom Watson did, to see how close I can get them to my original chipping spot. I've become very good at it, however, have only had to use the shot on the course once to chip out from under a bush, which turned out well, though not quite as good as Tom's result was.
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