Another Golf Course Hazard: Rattlesnakes
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/9/14
H-T: Werepuppie

Former U.S. Marine Stephen Wiese suffered this nasty surprise on the 11th hole of Catta Verdera Country Club. We at oobgolf are (1) grateful that he is alive to tell of the encounter and (2) we offer a proverbial salute to Wiese for having served in the United States Marine Corps, which is certainly no picnic.

The golf course staff were certainly charitable in trapping the snake and relocating it out of the area. Frankly, your humble correspondent would have been very tempted to kill the beast.

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cvargo says:
Last year while golfing at Milsite Golf Course in Ferron, Utah. I saw a total of 5 rattlesnakes during my 3 day trip. Needless to say if a ball went too far out of the fairway, I wasn't searching for my ball.
mmontisano says:
i was playing in Thailand once and the local caddy suddenly flipped out, stopped the cart, and started praying because there was about a 6 foot bright green snake crossing the cart path in front of us. her reaction to that snake made me nervous the rest of the round any time my ball was off the fairway, which was often that day.
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