John Daly's Latest Trick Shot
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/17/14
One month ago, we brought you the story of a Mensa candidate Michigan biker bar waitress who sustained a huge bruise as the result of a monumentally stupid golf stunt at a Playboy event in California.

Now comes video of John Daly (a two-time major champion who actually knows what he is doing) hitting a golf ball off a tee perched above the lips of a singer named Katherine Michelle:

Daly has done this before, perhaps most notably with the one-and-only David Feherty:

I will leave the comments to you, oobers.

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joe jones says:
This is a form of insanity. I don't care how much control he has over his swing I would never do it. Besides, at my age I would need to be lowered down and as far as me getting up a fork lift or a crane would be helpful.
falcon50driver says:
Darwin at work.
DougE says:
She's got nice legs though. ;-)
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