The Evolution of Alice Cooper, Golfer
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/7/14

The man born Vincent Furnier once had a terrible alcohol addiction; he has been quoted several times as explaining that he traded one addiction (alcohol) for another (golf), which ultimately saved him. He plays some 300 rounds per year at places like Las Sendas in Mesa, Arizona and sports a USGA handicap / shot index of 4. Once upon a time, he even shot 67 at Camelback in Phoenix.

Nowadays, he is also busy with concerts and fundraising events.

It is interesting that, to this point, his The Rock youth center in Phoenix does not yet include golf, but as he said in the video, he suspects that this will happen eventually.

We do, too.

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srogers13 says:
He did a concert in Montgomery last Halloween, and played a couple of rounds at the capitol Hill complex, even beat the assistant director.
joe jones says:
He has often said that his public relations people wouldn,t let him talk about golf when he first started because it would spoil his image as a rocker. I guess his drug and booze addiction was OK and expected of him. Thank God he changed.
jpjeffery says:
You know, I thought he'd have a better looking swing than that. But of course, it's not how, it's how many...
falcon50driver says:
If he leaves a putt short, does he say "HIT THE BALL ALICE"
jasonfish11 says:
What does he do to birds that steal food from his cart?
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