Cemetery Discovered Under A Golf Course
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/30/14
H-T: Werepuppie

We at oobgolf feel duty-bound to pass this along to you, rather than, ummm... "bury" the story.  (cough!)

It seems that North Fulton Golf Course, located in Atlanta's Chastain Park, turns out to have as many as 84 unmarked graves.

Interestingly, the operations director of the Chastain Park Conservancy, a fellow by the name of Ray Mock, told WSB-TV reporter Richard Elliot that he had known for years that unmarked graves were located somewhere in the park. But a professional surveyor, Len Strozier of Omega Mapping Services, found the actual locations near the 5th green using ground-penetrating radar.
"When I come to places like this, this is holy ground," Strozier said. "This is a special place. Think of the families who would come here regularly to attend to their family. It really means a lot to me, it really does."
The Conservancy group plans to leave the graves undisturbed, although they may plant wildflowers and post an explanatory sign.

Your humble correspondent cannot help but wonder two things:
  1. How could WSB-TV be so cheap as to send Mr. Elliot out to record video without the benefit of a tripod? Clearly, he's having to capture the video while holding the camera himself.

  2. If a certain Englishman, currently the world's 21st-ranked golfer, were to play North Fulton GC and be surprised by a ghostly spectre emerging from the ground near the 5th green...

    ...would that be called a Poulter-geist?

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falcon50driver says:
Now that the weather is getting better, the folks who we're dying to get on a golf course, can, without actually dying.
falcon50driver says:
were, dang autocorrect
slimpks1850 says:
Taking slow moving group on the golf course to a whole new level.
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