Trailer: ESPNW's "Love & Payne"
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/5/14

On October 25, 1999, most of us were going about our ordinary affairs; I was in Buffalo, New York attending a web development seminar. And then word came of a small jet aircraft with an unresponsive crew — it was all over the news channels and news web sites as the plane was still in-flight. Soon after, we learned that among the passengers was the reigning U.S. Open Champion, Payne Stewart. Just four months earlier, he had come "all the way back" from a low point in his career to capture the national championship at the famous Pinehurst #2, then helped the United States Ryder Cup team storm back from a monumental deficit to score a now-legendary comeback on Sunday.

Stewart's aircraft flew for several hours and then, after exhausting its fuel supply, tumbled to earth and crashed in a farm field just outside Mina, South Dakota. In addition to Stewart, his agents Robert Fraley and Van Arden, well-respected architect Bruce Borland, and pilots Michael Kling and Stephanie Bellegarrigue all perished in the crash.

Fifteen years later, it still seems so unreal to many of us.

With another U.S. Open at Pinehurst just days away, ESPN has created documentary remembering Payne Stewart and giving us a glimpse into the life of his widow, Tracey. Love & Payne is a "Nine for IX" production of ESPNW, directed by ESPN sportscaster Hannah Storm, whose husband, NBC's lead golf play-by-play announcer Dan Hicks, is part of the documentary.

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ChrisW0521 says:
Hated loosing such a great guy and a golfer that was on fire on the course and off the course for God! I had a son born on the same day, he is my yearly reminder of the Great Payne Stewart.
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