Another Phabulous Phlop Shot By Phil
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/6/14

During the opening round of the PGA Tour's FedEx Saint Jude Classic in Memphis on Thursday, Phil Mickelson's tee-shot at the par-3 4th took a terribly unfortunately bounce off a sprinkler-head — not unlike Rory McIlroy on Sunday at the Masters in April.

Admit it: Most of us cannot save par from a downhill slope to a hole location just onto the green, itself on a downslope back-to-front. This writer certainly cannot (yet).

But Phil can.

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legitimatebeef says:
They ought to cover those things with sod during PGA Tour competition. I mean they think of literally everything else don't they? What is the point of manicuring every last blade of grass when you have these man-made potential disasters sitting all around the greens. It is bad enough when a wayward shot gets a big unholy cart path bounce. But when a decent approach bounces off a greenside sprinkler head that is beyond wrong. It's perverse.
DaRupp13 says:
While I'd agree with you Beef, for everyone unlucky bounce out there, there's seems to be the reciprocal good bounce. Everyone has a story: my bro in law chunked a tee shot a par 3, hits a storm grate and bounces to 4 feet.

Giveth and taketh, but accept it all.
jasonfish11 says:
I can hit the flop. But I haven't made an 8' put all year. So I would have boggied from there.
Bryan K says:
Oh, I guarantee that I would have hit the green with that flop shot. Except my 50' putt would hat turned into a double.
cjgiant says:
@legitimatebeef - I like this idea, especially for those quite near the greens, probably not the middle of the fairway.

@DaRupp13 - while I understand your point, I have to disagree with you in that for me it seems 75-25 to the bad with man made items (including cart paths), mainly b/c in most cases I just want the shots to sit in the bad place they already are... not bounce 15 more yards offline.
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