Police Blotter: Criminal Pursuit On Golf Course
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/19/14

The latest criminal who has endangered golfers and damaged property is one 33-year-old Kendall Scott Feist, who on Tuesday led Moorhead (Minnesota) police on a rampage through parts of Village Green Golf Course and was later arrested at West Acres Mall, across the river in Fargo, North Dakota.

Terry Kragero, Jr. was at the Village Green practice range hitting golf balls with his five-year-old son. (1,000 points to Mr. Kragero for introducing his boy to golf!) That's when he heard sirens and then saw Feist's vehicle tear through the course:
"He was coming straight at us. I grabbed my son, and we kind of started running back toward the clubhouse."
Village Green's course superintendent, Rick Dauner, did not see the chase, but he certainly saw the damage Feist caused on several holes:
"It was mainly tire tracks, and where he turned, he ripped up the grass a little bit. We're lucky... he didn't take out anybody on the golf course.
In retrospect, this makes the recent case of Thomas Lineberry look rather pedestrian; Feist has a criminal record going back to 1999 involving drug possession and stolen property. As such, it is well that Feist is in police custody — and hopefully, he'll be in prison long after Mr. Lineberry's case is resolved.

With due respect for due process and established police procedures, this writer has four words for the Moorhead Police Department:

Roof-mounted missile launchers.

Finally, where is Dick Fowler, P.I. when you need him?

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madmx99 says:
Best looking Ford Ranger I've seen in a while.
madmx99 says:
Whoops, since it was a Dodge Ram, Ford Ranger's are still crap.
gpickin says:
Wow, haven't seen these, too funny.
stringbean79 says:
Nice to see them avoid the green though.
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