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The Ice Bucket Challenge Hits Golf
By Torleif Sorenson on 6/30/14
Throughout the last several decades, we have seen various stupid fads and behaviors come and go. Some, like "pet rocks" and wearing high-top shoes with Zubaz, have disappeared. Others, like "twerking" and the monumentally stupid hip-hop fashion trend of wearing your pants down around your thighs, have not gone away:

It really is stupid when white guys do it.

But now, a new craze is taking hold of America — and it is now polluting the world of golf:

The ice bucket challenge:

For Rickie Fowler to do this in a swimsuit on a miserably hot day in Florida isn't so bad. What is a bigger challenge is attempting this stunt while on the golf course — during a pro tournament — with actual ice water in the bucket:

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Photograph of some pathetic white guy with his pants down in a bus shelter taken by Torleif Sorenson

[ comments ]
falcon50driver says:
I was told by a Sheriff's Deputy that the low pants thing started in the prisons, to indicate you were available.
theebdk says:
The Rickie Fowler ice bucket did not seem to have much ice. Just saying.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Falcon: Thanks for the context. @theebdk: That was my impression, too; a "do-over" may be required. :)
jasonfish11 says:
It originates from prison pants not fitting well (and not having a belt). Not that they are "available".

SpaceMaNy0 says:
So it's just dumping ice water on yourself? How dumb.
gpickin says:
I wondered how long it would take to get to Blair O'neil
I like the fact that the Ladies have real video production... you get a look inside the bucket, and 2 angles.
She called out Greg Norman...
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