Major Water Hazards in Minnesota
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/8/14

We golf enthusiasts in Minnesota simply cannot catch a break.

Last year, we had snow on April 26. This year, we had the coldest winter in the last 35 years. Now, rain simply will not stop falling in Minnesota. Flooding has decimated houses and farms all spring and summer. Five of the City of Minneapolis' public golf courses have been closed at various times. Two of them remain under water as this article is written, because Minnehaha Creek has flooded and spilled its banks for the last several weeks.

At least Hiawatha Golf Club has a chance of re-opening this year — assuming the rain stops at some point.

Not so at Meadowbrook in suburban Hopkins. Located closer to the creek's source — Lake Minnetonka — Meadowbrook has sustained so much flooding that, even when the creek recedes, so much of the course has been damaged that repairs might well take the remainder of summer and fall.

And on Monday evening, most parts of the Twin Cities received at least another 0.5 inches of rain. The areas around Meadowbrook and Hiawatha received closer to one full inch of rain. Some locations near Menomonie, Wisconsin received two inches.

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SpaceMaNy0 says:
Hey, just another in the long list of Tor's "why I can't play golf" excuses.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Spaceman, be nice. :) I've only been on the range this year because I need to shop for new clubs. I need a driver and a replacement fairway metal that have stiffer shafts.
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