Meltdown At The Member-Guest (UPDATED)
By Torleif Sorenson on 9/23/14
WARNING: The language in the video below is most decided NSFW (not safe for work):

We are reasonably certain that the guy in the video above will never get invited to a member-guest at the same club ever again. We're also guessing that alcoholic beverages may have been involved. Whatever the case, we would hate to see how he treats his wife — and his dog.


Multiple news sources have identified the captious club-cruncher as Chris Cataldo. Apparently, he was not aware that a friend of his video-recorded his tantrum at Spring Mill Country Club, just outside Philadelphia.

"I had a meltdown — a total, 100 percent meltdown," he admitted.

Cataldo has since apologized for his language. His tantrum has also cost him at least $1,000, the estimated value of the clubs he broke. He won't get them back, either, because he dumped them in a nearby pond.

Breaking one's own golf clubs is a bit like suicide, because it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem — one that you cannot undo.

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falcon50driver says:
Look up "jerk" in the dictionary, I believe that's his picture.
legitimatebeef says:
So he had a catharsis, so what. Venting frustration is probably healthier for the self than bottling it up and stewing in it.
metnorm says:
Could have been worse.
falcon50driver says:
Daddy, I had a catharsis, and some mean boys were laughing at me, will you buy me another set of clubs? Ok son we sure don't want our little boy to bottle up his delicate little feelings. We want you to feel free to act out like the spoiled brat you are. Growing up and paying for your own stuff is so overrated.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Falcon: Attaboy!
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