Golf Course Goose Attack
By Torleif Sorenson on 11/13/14

Are any of you oobers into hunting? If so, what are the rules about fighting back against a bird-brained attack-goose? Are we allowed to take a swing at them, including with a 56° sand wedge?

And if we win the battle, are we allowed to take it home? And assuming they are grilled or cooked properly, would a goose make good eating?

Have you seen an interesting golf video? Tell us about it!

H-T: Luke Kerr-Dineen

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Bernie Duffer says:
My experience is male geese attack like this while the females are sitting on eggs in their nest. That occurs in February and March where I am in the Florida Panhandle. I geese seem to attack golfers who are walking. I've never seen one attack golfers in carts. My weapon of choice is a seven iron which I find short enough to handle well one handed and long enough to keep the geese away. I take a swing and the geese back off. I've never had to actually hit a goose. When you act aggressive and come at them, the geese retreat.
bkuehn1952 says:
Yes, don't mess with the nest, eggs or babies. Our "watch out" season in Michigan is late spring.
slimpks1850 says:
duck, duck, duck, GOOOOOOSE!
e_c_poirier says:
They are not our National Bird, although they are named Canada Geese. I would have no problems with the golf course ownership providing all golfers with a baseball bat and we are at liberty to kill all of these dirty birds. They ruin the fairways and greens, and pollute the ponds with all of their droppings. Go find somewhere else to frollick.
Torleif Sorenson says:
E.C. is finally taking this thread where I wanted you guys to go!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
This isn't a thread, it's an 'article.' If you want us all to be dirty mean pricks just say so.
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