Tiger talks about the El Cardonal design
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/19/14

Earlier this week, Tiger Woods unveiled his first golf course design when El Cardonal opened at the private Diamante Cabo San Lucas Club in Mexico. ESPN caught up with Tiger to get some "inside scoop" on his design:

As much as Tiger enjoyed having his first design finally open, he told ESPN's Bob Harig that he isn't losing focus:
"I'm not going to design that many golf courses like Jack did. That's not my intent. I'm only going to do a few at a time. I'm still in the peak of my playing years and I'm still concentrating on winning golf tournaments and winning major championships.

"I just don't have the time, with family, to try and do all that and try and design 15 courses around the world. I want to do a couple here and a couple there and give them my entire input and time."
Whatever the case, Woods is not finished working at Diamante; owner Ken Jowdy has retained Woods to design a third 18 and a separate short course at the club.
"It's an endorsement when you want to continue working with him and you realize what he has brought to us. You just have to look to our members and see the excitement he has brought to this. I don't think anyone else can move the needle like he has for us. For whatever reason, Tiger brings it to another level."
Good for everyone involved.

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joe jones says:
One of the major problems in Cabo is the wind. Especially in the afternoon. I would appreciate the fact that you can run a ball up on most of the holes. High ball hitters may have to adapt. Does anyone know what the green fees will be? Golf in Cabo can be expensive.
falcon50driver says:
"I'm still in the peak of my playing years"
"I just don't have the time, with family, to try and do all that"
jasonfish11 says:
Designing a golf course takes more time than banging a Perkins waitress.
jasonfish11 says:
Joe looks like its private. But for only $50k a week you can rent a home and play it.

sjduffers says:
From what I gather, this is not $50k per week, but $50k (one time) plus annual fees for a timeshare, which you get to use for one week a year. Timeshares are of course the worse kind of real estate "investments", but many of them range in the $20k-$30k for the right to one week a year, so this is on the high side, not doubt, but not at the cost of $50k a week!
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