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E*Trade Super Bowl Commercial
By Kickntrue on 2/2/09
Did anyone notice the E*Trade Super Bowl ad last night featuring a TaylorMade R9 visor? Pretty clever on TaylorMade's part to get an ad within an ad. I wonder how much they paid for the privilege? By the way- I held the new TaylorMade R9 driver last week (as well as their new Burner irons which look AWESOME) and you can expect to hear more on that front soon.

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Goods says:
Personally, I enjoyed the other one with his 'friend' in the high chair singing 'Broken Wings' by Mister Mister. But yes, Taylor Made gets props with the visor... way to vertically advertise.
ToddRobb says:
Good for Taylor Made. Although when I saw it I thought they ruined the campaign by bringing the kid into the real world. I thought it was cool that he was a baby that was able to trade stocks. They realized their mistake and brought him back to baby world with his singing friend.
twood says:
kidputter says:
Follow the link and check out the out takes. They are even better than this.
Snyper says:
This was the most hilarious commercial I have ever seen. I even laughed harder the second time I saw it. Freaking genious.
Holly Groeschel says:
This commercial (and all the others with the baby) IS Awesome!!! I want a visor like that, yet can't seem to find one ~ sighs ~
johnson.dgce says:
new taylormade r9 driver for 2010

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